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CC2017 Bundle for Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro!

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PDFviewer will be the best utility in your creative arsenal. You can open any PDF file inside the Adobe interface. This will save you countless hours of switching back and forth to other applications and resizing the Adobe interface. Great for Scripts, Transcriptions, Storyboards and Script Notes. On top of all that its green. Save a Tree!

Primal Cuts  simple tools for a better workflow 

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You Need This Premiere Pro Plugin!
Personally, this is a piece of functionality that I've been wanting out of Premiere for years. Last time I cut a project with a dedicated script supervisor, the amount of notes that I had open on my desktop was ridiculous, and it made me extremely grumpy considering that I did most of the cutting on a 15-inch Macbook Pro. Had this plugin existed then, I almost certainly would have given up my first born child for it.

Robert Hardy, No Film School

Simply brilliant! Having production notes right beside the footage made logging and editing so much more efficient than having to shuffle papers or switch apps. Thanks for making my Premiere Pro workflow so much more productive and enjoyable!

Sean Schools a.k.a. Premiere Bro

This simple tool has radically changed my workflow! I can't believe this didn't exist sooner. I love that I can dock it anywhere I want. A must have. Kudos to Primal Cuts for thinking of this.

Björn Ahlstedt

I tried this plugin out on a whim. For 20 bucks this is killer. No more paper mess. Just hit CMD-F and find what you need. Simple to use, great idea.

Dan Meyers, Citykid Productions

I cut long form narrative and this is amazing. Simple idea that just works. Save's a lot of time and paper.

Tim Bleghart, Planet Blue

Lined Scripts

See all your coverage the easy way. Never guess at what was shot by the director.

Shooting Logs

Keep your shoot logs close to see the directors and agencies circle takes.


Keep the original idea close by for easy reference. Look sharp in front of your clients.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Put a PDF of your keyboard shorcuts in a tab for easy reference.


Great for having multiple transcriptions open in different tabs. Search for that super quote.

Mac and PC Compatible

Install this on all your machines. Mac and PC compatible.
CC2017 Compatible.